15mL Plug Cap Centrifuge Tubes


  15mL Tube
  (Plug Cap)
Tube Material PP PS
Cap Material LDPE
Size* (Length x Dia.) 126 x 20mm
Max. Force (RCF)** 6,000 1,500
Min. Temp.*** 0°C 20°C
Max. Temp.*** 80°C 70°C

* Dimensions are measured with cap intact. Diameter measurement is the OD taken at the widest part of the cap.
** Centrifugation g-force (RCF) is based on single use with tubes properly fitted to centrifuge.
***Temperature limits are for the combined tube and cap materials.


15mL Plug Cap Centrifuge Tube
(caps sold separately)
Part# Polystyrene Part# Polypropylene Description Packaging
8514 8517 Molded in Graduations 500 (2 Bags of 250)
8515 8518 Molded in Graduations 1000 (4 Bags of 250)
8516-500   Molded in Graduations 500 (10 Trays of 50)

15mL Plug Cap
Part#Description Material Packaging
8525 Blue Plug Cap (15mL) Low-density polyethylene 1 Bag of 1000