Sterile Filtered (Aerosol Barrier) Pipet Tips

Certified RNase, DNase and pyrogens free

Filtered Pipet Tips

Our filtered pipet tips ensure increased pipetting accuracy and sample delivery while preventing aerosol bypass. Effectively protecting your work from the danger of cross-contamination. Ideal for applications that are sensitive to trace or cross contamination, our hydrophobic porous polyethylene filters protect your sample without introducing contaminant's or sealing your sample within the tip.

Additional Information:
  • Available sterile only.
  • Not autocavable

 RNase, DNase, Pyrogen Free
A.7501-96R-10F10ul960 (10 Racks of 96)
B.7502-96R-20F10ul960 (10 Racks of 96)
C.7503-96R-20F20ul960 (10 Racks of 96)
D.7503-96R-100F100ul960 (10 Racks of 96)
E.7503-96R-200F200ul960 (10 Racks of 96)
F.7511-96R-250F250ul960 (10 Racks of 96)
G.7515-100R-1000F1000ul1000 (10 Racks of 100)
H.7516-100R-1000F1000ul1000 (10 Racks of 100)

Packaging Options for Pipet Tips :

Bulk Pack (Bagged):
Tips are combined in a non-autoclavable plastic bag.

Autoclavable Racks:

Ideal for autoclaving, these racks are made entirely of polypropylene. Clear tops allow easy viewing while the durable construction allows them to be used for prolonged periods of time. The hinged design allows for easy one handed use.

Rack Inserts:

This economical and environmentally friendly packaging provides 10 fully loaded rack inserts ready for insertion into your empty racks. Each stack of 5 rack inserts sits in one autoclavable rack base and one rack top.

Stack Racks:

These racks are ideal for rapid pipetting and limited space. Standard packaging includes 200 tips per rack with 5 racks per unit. Please note the following exceptions: 7503R, 7507R, 7509R, 7511R, 7525R and 7560R include a top cover for the top rack and a bottom cover for the bottom rack.