Sterile Culture Tubes


Our precision manufactured tubes are fitted with our own 2-position cap specifically designed for optimal reliability and containment of your sample. Suitable for a variety of laboratory procedures, these tubes are available in polypropylene and polystyrene. The 2-position cap provides either aerobic or anaerobic sample storage.


Sterile Culture Tubes:

12 x 75
8567Polystyrene1,000 (8 bags of 125)
8576Polystyrene500 (20 bags of 25)
8568Polypropylene1,000 (8 bags of 125)
8586Polypropylene500 (20 bags of 25)

17 x 100
8597Polystyrene500 (20 bags of 25)
8599Polypropylene500 (20 bags of 25)