Scintillation Vials

PETI-VIALS (8600 Family)

Peti-Vials are made from a special grade of polypropylene which produces a product of optimum clarity. Unique design offers users a leak proof fit with only one-half turn of a cap. Consider these features:

  • Compatible with all major liquid scintillation counting systems.
  • Dimpled bottoms to facilitate filter paper counting.
  • Nominal volume of 7ml.
  • Ideal for sample storage.
  • Vials are autoclavable.

MULTI-VIALS (8620 Family)

Multi-Vials are an excellent multipurpose container. They are primarily used for liquid scintillation counting, beta-gamma counting, and sample storage. White polyethylene caps are perfect for convenient, easy marking. Features include:

  • Nominal volume of 5ml.
  • High density white polyethylene snap cap.

8600 Peti-Vials and caps Bag 250 1000
8610 Peti-Vials and caps Tray 250 1000
8605 Caps for Peti-Vials Bag 1000 1000
8620 Multi-Vials and snap caps Bag 250 1000
8630 Multi-Vials and snap caps Tray 200 1000
8625 Snap caps for Multi-Vials Bag 1000 1000