These caps are ideal for resealing glass test tubes and glass culture tubes.

  • Economical way to recap glass tubes, regardless of manufacturer.
  • Available in seven transparent colors that correspond to Vacutainer® cap colors: Natural, Blue, Green, Lavender, Red, Gray, and Yellow.
  • Caps can be written on with indelible ink for easy sample identification.
  • Prevents spills and evaporation by employing a liquid tight seal.


Thumb Caps (Caps for Glass Tubes)

Part #ColorEvacuated TubeGlass Culture TubePlastic Tube Packaging
8557Natural10mm10mmN/A1,000 per Bag
8557BBlue10mm10mmN/A1,000 per Bag
8557GGreen10mm10mmN/A1,000 per Bag
8557LLavender10mm10mmN/A1,000 per Bag
8557RRed10mm10mmN/A1,000 per Bag
8557YYellow10mm10mmN/A1,000 per Bag
8569Natural13mm12mm12mm1,000 per Bag
8569BBlue13mm12mm12mm1,000 per Bag
8569GGreen13mm12mm12mm1,000 per Bag
8569LLavender13mm12mm12mm1,000 per Bag
8569RRed13mm12mm12mm1,000 per Bag
8569SIGrey13mm12mm12mm1,000 per Bag
8569YYellow13mm12mm12mm1,000 per Bag
8573NaturalN/A13mmN/A1,000 per Bag
8573BBlueN/A13mmN/A1,000 per Bag
8573GGreenN/A13mmN/A1,000 per Bag
8573LLavenderN/A13mmN/A1,000 per Bag
8573RRedN/A13mmN/A1,000 per Bag
8573SIGreyN/A13mmN/A1,000 per Bag
8573YYellowN/A13mmN/A1,000 per Bag
8579Natural16mm16mmN/A1,000 per Bag
8579BBlue16mm16mmN/A1,000 per Bag
8579GGreen16mm16mmN/A1,000 per Bag
8579LLavender16mm16mmN/A1,000 per Bag
8579RRed16mm16mmN/A1,000 per Bag
8579SIGrey16mm16mmN/A1,000 per Bag
8579YYellow16mm16mmN/A1,000 per Bag


Flange Caps (LDPE)

Part #ColorSize Packaging
8559Natural12mm1,000 per Bag
8559BBlue12mm1,000 per Bag
8559GGreen12mm1,000 per Bag
8559LLavender12mm1,000 per Bag
8559OOrange12mm1,000 per Bag
8559RRed12mm1,000 per Bag
8559WWhite12mm1,000 per Bag
8559YYellow12mm1,000 per Bag
8559ASTDAssorted12mm1,000 per Bag
8558Natural16mm1,000 per Bag



Universal Caps (LDPE)

Part # Color Size Packaging
8700 Natural 12, 13, 16mm 1,000 per Bag
8700B Blue 12, 13, 16mm 1,000 per Bag
8700G Green 12, 13, 16mm 1,000 per Bag
8700SI Gray 12, 13, 16mm 1,000 per Bag
8700L Lavender 12, 13, 16mm 1,000 per Bag
8700R Red 12, 13, 16mm 1,000 per Bag
8700Y Yellow 12, 13, 16mm 1,000 per Bag